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each of enthusiastic people have electric kitchen must also have a chowhound heart, small is no exception, since learned strong function of all kitchen appliances, weight soared 5 kilograms, stood on the scales at that moment my heart is rejected, but still see so my heart is shocked numbers, so Xiaobian decided to lose weight! Lose weight! Lose weight! The important thing to say three times.

running is always very simple in the concept of Xiaobian. Apart from not needing to eat enough, we should pay attention to it. Three kilometers, five kilometers, ten kilometers, can persist as long as certainly can thin, so Xiaobian take a day just dusk went to the Olympic Sports Center on the runway, the pursuit of health and a lot of people really, small teeth ran two kilometers, dragging the shivering leg lying in bed at home the dream also made the dress Xiushen dream. But after two days, the knee began to hurt when Xiaobian began to prepare for running. So Xiaobian went to consult several fitness people, only to find that there are many problems in the way of running Xiaobian.

of course, I believe there are many people who like to eat and want to keep in shape with the Xiaobian. Next, let Xiaobian arrange for you, how can you enjoy the delicious food and keep the graceful figure. The right way to open the running is this way!

before running to prepare

as the saying goes, do not fight the battle unprepared, many people make this up on this small sayazi run, which is caused by the reason that your bone and joint problems, so running before the warm-up or stretching is necessary, it can effectively reduce the movement may cause accidents.
The first is that the
equipment, a pair of comfortable sports shoes and sportswear and comfortable sweat suction is essential, also a lot of people love to listen to music while running, you can prepare a pocket or arm package will be put in mobile phone, will be able to listen to the music while running.

must be running before the warm-up activities, ankle, knee, hip, waist, ligament, shoulders, neck and arms, can avoid sports injury.
puts the excess products in the home and runs to the playground, it is better not to bring articles such as wallets, watches, cell phones and so on. They will keep in touch with the body in the pocket and make people very upset, and they are also easy to fall out when they run.

hot weather in the summer, can prepare a head hoop or take to the arm, when sweating is much rubbing. Get ready for water. If you run longer, you'd better prepare a bottle of water, put it in a fixed place, and drink a little when you pass. But don't drink ice water.


ready for this, you can begin your own running journey, now enjoy people more, have the same loving friends can travel together to encourage each other about running, more can stick to it. It is also worth mentioning that, >

Optics Valley walking street, Berlin square, diffuse off heroes composed of angel wing venture capital institutions with nearly 50 entrepreneurs run.

people's network, Wuhan, January 25 (Guo Tingting) "Wow, look! The iron man, the giant of the green, the black widow and Sun Wukong. " 24, in the Optics Valley Street business incubator Museum in front of a group of "2" in the movie multiple exciting heroes, cool styling attracted many onlookers and pictures of past people.

this is a "creative hero run" campaign organized by a business service organization in Wuhan. The event is a joint participation of investors, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Wuhan's major investment institutions. It shows the spirit of cooperation of the Optics Valley team, the quality of exploration, and the innovative ideas.
On the afternoon of
, 10 "Heroes" led nearly 100 entrepreneurs, investors, and incubators from the starting point of Optics Valley entrepreneurship street. At 8 degrees below zero temperatures, across the Optics Valley Venture Street and Optics Valley street, participants said excitedly, "there is no strong body, amazing strength, will not become CEO, marry white Formica, walk on the pinnacle of life."

started the gun, and the partners passed the two links of "speed shock wave" and "monster joint search". The green giant team finally won the award of the best league of heroes. At the end of the Optics Valley Berlin pedestrian plaza, the citizens gathered around the heroes to take a picture. The winning team got the medal that was made of chocolate and savors the taste of victory at the scene.

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